Featured a red alarm in Trieste : A dangerous shark in the Adriatic Sea

Held high the red flag and shouts that immediately come out of the sea, lifeguards on the beach Trieste made ​​it clear many customers that they are in danger from the deep.

Of Trieste beaches featured a red alarm for the shark. Shark spotted a fisherman Alessandro Cral (44) while swimming in the sea. A little later, a close encounter with a shark they had spouses Esposito. - It was almost 13 pm when we saw that the surface of the sea strange ripples. My wife and I then sunning and thank goodness we were in the sea. We first saw a black silhouette very close to the surface, and then the fin that rises and lower back shark. 

He surfaced at a distance of less than twenty meters from the beach, and according to our estimates was a length and a half meters to two meters

Spouses Ezio Di Francesco and Nella Esposito, who are on holiday in Trieste. Held high the red flag and shouts to leave their rescuers must have made it clear many customers that they are in danger from the depths. Alarmed by the emergency services and all, from the Port Authority to the Coast Guard, who threw themselves into the search for unwanted guests.

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